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Males in Rohini are normally slim physique and decisively underweight. However, based on the horoscope planetary positions influencing the personal attributes, they may sometimes look short structured and fatty.

Their eyes are very attractive with a special magnetic touch. Appearance is very handsome and attractive, with big shoulders and well developed muscles.

Males in Rohini are definitely short- tempered. The range of short temper is such, they are the worst compared to female rohinis’. If they get angry, it will not be easy to get subsided and any advice from any quarters will add fuel to fire like the result will be.

The general tendency of Rohini becoming over obstinate, if someone attempts to over-ride their opinions or thwart their plans, is more predominant with the Male in Rohini.

There is one more general tendency of Rohini is that they remain oblivious to any advice or ideas countering to their own.

They have a tendency to sacrifice everything for loved ones and if the same loved ones become a person of hatred, they will not hesitate to cause extreme trouble to the hatred. This is due to the fact Rohini born are ruled by heart rather than the brain. This is most predominant character in any male in Rohini, because, they are very much convinced about their idea, thought and action being accurate and apt to the situation.

They always get very much impressed about their own work and exhibit them in their words. But at the same time, due to the influence of righteousness, when the truth is explained, they will discard the false instantly. But, never in their life, can we expect an easy spell of SORRY for their committing wrong ... Certainly not.

Their life is full of ups and downs as they do not try to pre-plan their objectives. They can attain great success in life provided a little restraint is kept in the freedom of their mind. There is no tomorrow for them. They spend everything for the sake of today’s comfort. They can shine not only in any independent profession or business but also in the social work. As far as possible they try to be more sincere and honest in all the work they undertake.

The main disadvantage is that they lack patience and forgiveness.

Since due to their tendency to have a trial and error effort with many areas at ones, they look like a jack of all trades and in the process they fail to pass through the path of requisite rhythm and planned approach.

They have their freedom of mind will quite often lead to their own downfall. At the same time, many Rohini born persons have risen from the lowest social strata to the highest positions due to the freedom of mind in culmination with the finer planetary positions and birth date.

Again the best suited industries for Job are the Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Sugar Industry, Chemical Industry etc. 

The best suited area will be more with mechanical design or production. In order to avoid the mind wandering with many ideas, they should be physically and mentally occupied.

One of the primary factors to keep in mind is that they should never take anyone into immediate confidence. Male in Rohini have to be extra careful with business partners and employees. 

There is an inherent drawback in them is that they blindly believe and follow others. For a happy existence, it is suggested that they should screen people thoroughly before confidence is bestowed on them.

They will not hesitate to throw away any social or religious laws when warranted. Hence their married life will be marred with conflicts and disturbances.

They will be prone to diseases connected with blood, jaundice, urinary disorders, blood sugar, tuberculosis, respiratory problems, and paralysis and throat trouble.

All the above said qualities are apt for any female in Rohini also, provided in their horoscope the planetery position of SURYA is very powerful or they are born with birth number 9.

The above postings on ROHINI STAR are the general characteristics seen real life situations and may differ slightly with the planetery  positions of the individual.

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